Finding Dad Among the Living


In response to my Easter-inspired Sunday post, my friend Chris Balestreri shared this with me. I thought it was lovely:

“Every good person shapes the infinite life and compassion of God in a unique way.  When that person dies, we must seek him among the living.  Thus, if we want a loved one’s presence we must seek him out in what was most distinctively him, in terms of love, faith and virtue.  If your father, brother or friend had a gift for hospitality, you will meet him when you are hospitable; if he had a passion for justice, you will meet him when you give yourself over to the quest for justice; if he had a great zest for life, for meals with his family and for laughter in the house, you will meet him when you have a zest for life, eat with your family and have laughter in your house.”

– adapted from “The Holy Longing” by Ronald Rolheiser

Ronald Rolheiser

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