A Christmas Album, Shared with Dad

Rainy Christmas morning, shared memories with Dad at the breakfast table …

1953, my sister Midge’s last Christmas…


Midge got a dolly

Scott got a rifle


1954… brother Dean arrived on the scene…


1956 in Kingston, Ontario… Nana in the foreground (I’m still in Mom, about 3 months along)

Christmas 1956

1959… I’m on the scene, 18 months old, in our house on Old Spring Road in Kensington, MD

Christmas 1959Christmas 1959

Christmas dinner 1959

Dad at the head 1959

Probably 1960… brother Dean and I show off our snowman

Christmas snowman 1960

Christmas dinner in Everett, 1966

Christmas dinner, 1966

And our last family home in University Place (Tacoma), 1969

Christmas morning 1969

Cassandra Eileen Campbell 1969

By the tree, 1969

Christmas 1971… and man, was it the 70s!

1971 - big snow year

Sandy dressed for snow

Christmas dinner 1971

1973… Dad surprised Mom with the diamond wedding ring she never had, the ring I wear today

A diamond ring for mom

Gathered round on a Christmas Day, 1985

Christmas day 1985

Maddie had so much fun hunting a Christmas tree with Nana and Papa, circa 1991

Maddie Christmas tree hunting

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One response to “A Christmas Album, Shared with Dad

  1. Beautifully done Betsy, as per usual.

    It’s been a poignant Christmas for us all, you with your final time(s) with Hank, us dealing with Mom’s loss and thanks to Ellen and Betsy, I had a great time, though I DID schlep it good though.

    Left work in Bellevue, driving around via the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and up SR 16 to Ellen’s on Bainbridge Island Christmas eve, spent the night, we had Christmas there, and then drove the back way down SR3 to Olympia where I spent the afternoon, and part of the evening with Betsy and Bob. Low key day, Prime Rib and the fixings and then drove all the way back to Seattle.

    Today, I work… 😦

    Thanks for the lovely photos, and seeing the old home in UP brought back memories of that wonderful house. I’ve always loved it for it’s layout and such. Plus, your Mom did such a pretty job of decorating it too.

    Enjoy your time with your Dad as much as you can.

    Love you other sister.

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