The Caregivers’ Special? Wine and Cereal


When my kids were little, the ultimate in lazy cuisine was what we called “the babysitters’ special”: mac & cheese. Out of a box.

Everyone is out tonight. Dad’s back at his assisted living apartment (which he insists on calling “The Hacienda,” even though that’s not its name). My husband is on his way to a guys’ weekend in Montana. My son is working in Tacoma, WA, where he attends college during the year. My daughter is at a rehearsal of a play she’s in, which opens tomorrow in Davis, CA.

I don’t have to do anything. Which includes cooking.

What appealed to me? A bowl of Cheerios and Byron Pinot Noir 2010. (I doubt this is what the winemaker had in mind for a pairing.) And I’m deliriously happy about the whole state of affairs.

I think I’ll live dangerously and eat my dinner in bed.

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  1. Dawn Brightwell

    I love those precious moments when I can do (or NOT do) whatever the heck I want – glad you do too, Betsy!

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